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Stop School Bullying

School based Bullying, whilst seeing some improvement in the number of reported cases, is still being reported at levels far beyond those considered as a "part of life". With more than 22 cases at every high school ...

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Combat Online Bullying

Online Bullying has become the scourge of the internet with 1 in 7 users of social media reporting harassment and bullying (with some reports claiming as many as 1 in 3 people) due to the anonimity that bullies have ...

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Violence Against Women Awareness

Violence against Women, perhaps second only in most hateful crimes after Violence against Children, has reached a peak in Australia where the high level of cases demand action from every level of government and ...

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Workplace Bullying Project

With only 1 in 8 cases of Workplace Bullying and Workplace Harassment being reported in Australia, the workplace has been changed from a place of production to a battleground. Over recent years, every industry ...

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Suicide Hotline

The Suicide Call Back Service is a 24-hour, nationwide service that provides telephone and online counselling to people 15 years and older who are affected by suicide or who are contemplating suicide. Telephone: 1300 659 467

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Schools Charter of Conduct

There are very few parents of a child in a school in our country that would defend their child's school on it record of dealing with Bullying. The Schools Charter of Conduct is an initiaitive of ...

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Engagement And Support

Angels Hope works with victims of Bullying and their families to bring an end to the problem they are experiencing. We actively work with and on behalf of victims in dealing with organisations to ensure the Bullying is ended.

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Awareness Through Videos

Angels Hope representatives have appeared many times on the news and in the media talking about the problem of Bullying and we have created a number of videos of our own that are available for viewing.

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Speak Up Community Forum

Many people do not have the ability to make themselves heard and discuss with other people that have been affected by Bullying. The Speak Up Community Forum is your Voice to the world to say how and what you feel.

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Political and Social Change

We actively work on a political and social level to bring about change through petitions and community movements to effect changes to bring an end to bullying across key channels and mediums. To read about our activities ...

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Community Events & Awareness

Angels Hope is conducting Community Events to bring individuals and people to stand together against bullying and generate awareness of the bullying problem in our community.

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Getting Help and Support

Whilst we try to assist people as much as possible, we are limited by our available resources so we have provided this list of useful links for people to obtain additional support.

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