Key Information

Submission Deadlines

The submission deadlines is the last working day of the month for funding.

Funding Categories

Projects must be for Anti-Bullying, Youth Suicide Prevention and/or Youth Mental Health.

Submitting Your Project For Funding

Funding Overview

Angels Hope Kids Advocacy is offering funding to community organisations, charities and not-for-profits involved in upporting and providing youth services across three key categories:

  • Anti-Bullying,
  • Youth Suicide Prevention, and
  • Youth Mental Health.

Each month, the money we have raised will be provided to programmes that have been selected to receive assistance will be provided with a donation to support their programme.

The programmes selected for that month will be listed on the Angels Hope Kids Advocacy website so that our supporters can see where the money they have donated has gone to and the great work they are helping to support.

Angels Hope Kids Advocacy aims to assist organisations regardless of size so whether your are a big city organisation or a small country community group we may be able to assist you.

Funding And Support Provided

As we only have a limited amount of money, not every organisation will be able to be provided with a financial contribution however that is not the only support we can provide.

The types of support we can provide include;

  • Directed Financial Assistance - financial contribution,
  • Technology Assistance - support with technology elements such as website development or technology hosting,
  • Promotion and Awareness - promoting various programmes through our network and into other community networks for greater community participation, respnse and awareness of the programme, and
  • Advocacy and Networking - providing assistance in networking to professional bodies and key experts to assist with programme development, approavel and adoption.

Submission Deadlines

Deadlines for submission to receive support are the final working day of the month, two months prior to when you need the assistance.

In simple terms if you are looking for support for April, the deadline for submission will be the last working day in February.

This way we have some time to assess each submission and make the determination as to which ones we can best assist.

Submission Requirements

We want to keep this as simple as possible and not make any burden on any group looking for assistance or on ourselves.

The submission should be kept to a maximum of two pages detailing the following information;
  • Project/Programme Name
  • Project/Programme Description - what is your programme about?
  • Primary and Secondary Beneficiaries - who will your programme help?
  • How your programme fits into the selection criteria - how will it help with Anti-Bullying, Youth Suicide Prevention and/or Youth Mental Health?
  • Are you receiving other funding or assistance - if you are that is great, it doesn't disqualify you from receiving assistance from us however this helps us to decide the level of assistance we can provide
  • What assistance are you seeking
  • What timing are you seeking for - when do you need the assistance? we will provide assistance to groups each month so if this is an ongoing programme, please include these details
  • What is your organisations status - are you a charity or a community group, school or not-for=profit, etc

Selection Process

Once received, all applications will be considered and assessed.

The key selection criteria is based on how directly linked your programme is to the categories we are supporting.

Assistance Conditions

The only conditions we have on providing assistance for any programme is that you agree for us to let our supporters know about your programme and the level or type of assistance provided.

Submission Contact

For more information about submissions or to submit your Funding Request by the deadline, please email to