End CyberBullying

A programme designed to provide an immediate and effective end to anonymous Cyber Bullying.


Creating Criminal Recognition for ongoing Bullying and incitement to Suicide.

End Workplace Bullying

A way to ensure businesses enforce their current Workplace Bullying policies to protect employees.

Schools Code of Conduct

A defined code of conduct and process for Schools in dealing with Bullying and repeat offenders.

Sign A Petition

The only realy way we can show the Governments around Australia that there is a want for real change is to show community support and the best way to do that is to sign a petition.

We are currnetly running several petitions at present with several more coming up where we coulduse your support by signing our petition online.

These petitions cover different Bullying topics and provide simple solutions for a lot of the Bullying problems that we are seeing and/or experiencing.

Cyber Initiative

Cyber Bullying is a major problem in society that has reached epidemic proportions and is primarily due to the anonimity afforded to Bullies by the internet.

Depsite the current size of the problem, there is a quick and simple solution that will eliminate anonymous bullying all together and reduce Cyber Bullying by more than 90% almost immediately.

All we are asking the government to do is make phone registration mandatory with all social media and free email accounts. The service providers already have it as option but by making it mandatory means if we need to find out who is breaking the law online, then we can do so immediately.

Pretty quick and simple yet makes people accountable for their words if they cross the line.

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Criminal Recognition of Bullying

Angels Hope has been working towards recognition of certain levels of Bullying as a Criminal Act.

This is a NSW based petition (there are other state specific ones) which amongst other things, calls to Amend the Crime Act NSW 1900 to include:
o bullying as a criminal offence;
o cyber-bullying as a criminal offence;
o bullying or cyber-bullying resulting in psychological harm as a criminal offence; and
o inciting suicide and self harm by bullying, cyber-bullying or stalking.

Following the deaths of Jessica Tolhurst [14], Charlotte Dawson and the many other victims of Bullying over the past several years, it is aimed to provide an effective and punsihable outcome for those that continue to engage in this behaviour.

End Workplace Bullying

The levels of Workplace Bullying in this country are at an all time high with an estimated only 1 of 9 cases being reported despite every company and business in Australia having Workplace Bullying policies.

Our solution is simple and effective. In cases where a person has been successful in making a claim of Workplace Bullying and it is proven that the company failed to enact their own policies then that company, in addition to compensation payments, will also be liable for a further $500,000 fine for negligent protection of their staff.

Whilst some see this as onerous or unfair to businesses, it would only take a couple of these fines to be issued for every company/business to start taking their resposibilities in protecting their staff very seriously.

Schools Code of Conduct

Almost every parent we talk to has expressed concerns about their child's schools response to Bullying. Many schools however are hampered by guidelines placed on them from their departmental, commision or association superiors and the principals find their hands tied.

The Schools Code of Conduct is a universal approach to how schools should deal with Bullying (providing individual leeway) where once events have reach a certain level the school has no option but to act to protect the other students.

The Schools Code of Conduct is currently being developed for presentation to various P & C and P & F groups around NSW for consideration for implementation in 2017 where hopefully, with enough Parental Support, we will be able to provide a safe environment for children to have at school.