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Online/Cyber Bullying

The Internet is by far the largest battleground of and opportunity for bullying in our society. Online/Cyber Bullying has grown to such a level that there is a not a single socio-demographic sector that has not experienced the problem from school children to senior citizens and from the home through to the workplace.

  • One in five people under the age of 18 have experienced Cyberbullying.
  • One in ten adults have experienced Cyberbullying
  • Two in five women have experienced Cyberbullying
  • Over 11% of stalking cases involve Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying

Bullying is a major problem in our society and the anonimity of the Internet for social media, email and online chat services has facilitated the growth of this problem.

Bullying is not teasing or name calling or having a laugh at someone's expense, it is the ongoing, repeated and persistent harrassment, intimidation, humiliation and abuse of someone threatening physical, emotional and even sexual harm. Bullying costs our economy billions of dollars each year through our health system, our law enforcement, our judiciary and our industry.

In Australia there are thousands and thousands of cases of online bullying and trolling every year with the consequences for children and adults leading to social isolation, mental health issues, loss of promotion or advancement, loss of productivity days at work and in the most severe cases suicide.

It is estimated that almost 40% of Australian Suicides each year (nearly 1,000 people) have bullying as the cause or as a major contributing factor.

Cyber Bullying has occurred in record numbers in recent years primarily due to the anonimity the Internet grants to Bullies. People can create an online account using any details and they are almost impossible to track. IP details can help authorities track down serious bullies but that is problematic given the data access process and whether the bully has used public wi-fi or a VPN.

Almost 85% of serious bullying and trolling is done by anonymous or fake accounts and in most cases, these accounts were established purely to facilitate this behaviour.

Solving The Problem

If people could retain their anonimity online but knew their identity was obtainable by authorities if they were engaging in serious bullying, then fewer people would engage in this behaviour as they would be wary of the consequences.

We are petitioning the government to make a change to the way people register for Social Media accounts by requiring all accounts to be linked to a phone number.

This way, in cases of Bullying, the authorities can track people down and get them to stop.

Something simple and easy to make happen as nearly all social media providers have this as a voluntary option already but making it mandatory will mean that for those that are being harassed, threatened and/or intimated, they can get the person responsible stopped.

To Support Us ad Sign the petition, Click Here to Register Your Support and together we can finally get the problem stopped.