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Angels Hope Cyber Initiative FAQ's

How will this affect me?
Well for many of us, it won't affect us at all. Many people already have their phone number registered with their Social Media provider for Security purposes.

But for those that don't have their number registered, all that this will involve is you putting in your phone number and the Social Media company will send you a code you have to enter in order to verify the number is yours. Once entered your account will be active.

I don't feel comfortable giving Facebook or Google or one of the other services my phone number!
Being blunt, using Social Media is a choice which is completely voluntary and if a person really didn't want to give their phone number they don't need to use the service but, that said, with all the personal information people put up on their Facebook or Google+ pages, we would think a phone number would be the least concerning bit of information.

Will my phone number be shown on my account?
No. As with everyone else that has already registered their phone number voluntarily, your number will remain part of your account details only to be able to be seen by you and the Social Media Company.

I don't want to receive advertising messages on my phone
This is about account verification and not about a new advertising medium. If the Social Media companies wish to send advertising messages to your phone they will be require to have you opt in.
We are asking the government to include a clause that ensures that to receive advertising to your phone you must opt-in separately and not as a part of the verification process.

Why not ask the Social Media companies directly to do this?
No offense to any of these companies but if they had wanted to do this they would have already done so and also what any company voluntarily does they can also voluntarily undo. Making this is a legislative requirement ensures that all companies operating in Australia adhere to the law.

What about Companies that don't operate in Australia?
In discussions with the Government we will be suggesting that all companies be invited to voluntarily implement systems that comply with Australian law for Australian users of their service. If they don't not voluntarily participate and their service is found to be used by people that wish to break the law then their are options for the government to enact.

Isn't this just another form of Censorship?
Not at all. People are still able to say and post whatever they want but as it is with standing on a soap box on the street or broadcasting on radio or television, there are things you can and cannot say. All we are doing is bringing the internet inline with other broadcasting mediums.

Besides if a post requires harassing, threatening, intimidating or abusive language or behaviour under the cloak of anonymity in order to express oneself then it is hardly what we would call "Free".