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Angels Hope Cyber Initiative

The Angels Hope Cyber Initiative is a proposal from Angels Hope to the Federal Government of Australia requesting that ACMA be given the powers to require a mandatory two-step phone verification registration for all Social Media accounts created or used in Australia. We further request that ACMA be given the powers to require Social Media providers to reverify all accounts each year through the two-step phone verification.

As part of our proposal we are asking the Federal Government to legislate that Social Media providers only be required to release an account holders registered phone number upon receipt of a Court Issued Subpeona except in cases of Imminent Harm or Imminent Threat.

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So What Does this all Mean?

Simply put, we are asking that every social media account in Australia be linked to a phone number - either a mobile or a landline so that when those people out there that are using Social Media for the wrong thing, cross the legal line, they will be able to be identified much easier and held accountable for their actions.

Why Are We Doing This?

This started as a proposal to reduce the level of Cyber Bullying and Cyber Trolling.

Cyber Bullying and Cyber Trolling in Australia and many other countries around the world is at epidemic levels. Due to the anonymity that people have on Social Media, some in the community believe this is a free pass to behave and act in ways that is considered unacceptable by the majority and use their anonymity to harass, intimidate, threaten and abuse others.

Those that engage in Bullying and Trolling Online show no regard for their victims, their victims ages or even the consequences of their actions which all to often lead to the most tragic of outcomes being Suicide.

Men, Women, Children, Young, Old, Gay, Straight, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Caucasian, Asian, Indigenous, African - regardless of the category we are in, people are being targeted daily and persistently with the sole intention of doing harm to the recipient and as Social Media currently operates, trying to combat these people is like being blindfolded and throwing punches in the dark.

Getting these people to stop, under present circumstances, is almost impossible and in many cases even if you shut down your account, they find your new one and just continue their behaviour.

Australia's Suicide rate is at a 10 year high and Bullying is a big part of many of these deaths and this proposal will help to remove many of the Bullies and Trolls online simply by them knowing that they will now be able to be caught.

There are other Benefits as well!

In addition to stopping the Bullies and Trolls online, our proposal will also dramatically reduce other bad activity on social media. In particular:
  • Identify the owners of the hate pages on Social Media,
  • Identify those people making racial or discriminatory posts about minorities,
  • Identify those that use Social Media to incite violence,
  • Identify Cyber Stalkers using Social Media to target their victims,
  • Make it easier to catch Sex Predators and Paedophiles using Social Media to lure their victims,
  • Make it easier to identify those that post animal creulty videos online.
If you think that we are over stating the problem then you may not have read the news article from the UK where the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire County, Alex Wood, stated that "50% of the Child Sex Exploitation cases we deal with, involve the use of Facebook to lure victims".

50%. If that number doesn't make your blood run cold then nothing will.

If you would like to read stories about how people in Australia and around the world are using Social Media, please Click Here but be advised these stories are not pleasant.

Everything in life is a choice but we would like you to consider supporting our proposal and help make Social Media a safer place for everyone.

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We realise that many people have questions and potential concerns about handing over their phone number so we have given you some questions we have been asked along with our answers so that you can more fully understand why we are doing this. Read Questions and Answers