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About Angels Hope Kids Advocacy

Angels Hope Kids Advocacy is a part of Angels Hope Kindess Matter Advocacy. Angels Hope Kids Advocacy and Kindness Matter Advocacy is a part of the Global Kids Charity Trust which is a registered charity the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission. ABN: 18 982 210 626

Angels Hope Kids Advocacy is specifically to assist, promote, provide funding and offer advocacy to the many great programmes and projects focussed on Anti-Bullying, You Suicicde Prevention and Youth Mental Health across Australia.

We do this through a range of channels including;

  • promotion of programmes to raise awareness;
  • technical support for web and email services;
  • network assistance to enable groups to reach corporate partners and potential sponsors; and
  • direct funding assistance.

Why Change the Name?

As we have moved to a supporting role, we thought best to change the name to reflect that we are a different organisation with a different set of goals and objectives.

Change To Give Greater Support

Angels Hope has been around for many years and will continue to exist to highlight the problems our society, in particualr our youth, has with Bullying, Suicide and Mental Health primarily though as a voice for change.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous groups and forwarded strategies and programmes to untold panels and reviews, participated in community groups and offered advocacy services directly to those in need.

Every organisation should be constantly reviewing what they do and determining if the success they desire to achieve can still be attained by staying with their existing approach or is it better achieved by making change.

Making this change means that we will still be involved in making lives better and supporting youth but now we are be able to utilise our established networks and supporter base to help a far greater number of people by supporting and advocating the many great programmes that need funding, awareness and assistance.

Transparency In Effort

As part of the change we are moving to a more transparent and open structure whereby we can show everyone where exactly their money goes.

Each week we will update the website to show how much money has been donated with an additional page to show you exactly which programmes are receiving money and how much they got.

This process enables you to see exactly how many people you are helping and the good you are making happen through our community.

Registered Information

Angels Hope Kids Advocacy is a part of the Global Kids Charity Trust.

The Global Kids Charity Trust is a registered Charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission. ABN: 18 982 210 626