Angels Hope

Angels Hope

Angels Hope

Focussing on preventing School Bullying and Youth Suicide.
Better Men

Better Men

Working to end Violence Against Women.
The Workplace Collective

Workplace Collective

Ending Bullying and Harrassment in the Workplace.
Global Kids

Global Kids

International Anti-Bullying organisation connecting people and organisations worldwide.
Anti-Bullying Network

Anti Bullying Network

Creating Social & Political strategies to end Bullying.

Angels Hope Founders

Our Founders

Read about the Founders of Angels Hope.

About Angels Hope

Why Are We Here?

Our focus is solely on bringing an end to the problem of Bullying in our society not only through Awareness but also community engagement and involvement. In schools, Online, in the workplace and in general, Bullying has no place in our community.

We achieve through not only providing support and services but by getting directly involved with people to help create a solution to this problem.

Growth from Experience

Everyone involved in Angels Hope has been touched by the impacts of Bullying either directly themselves, through their family memebers or through friends, schoolmates or work colleagues.

We hope our experiences can create and grow a change in how we deal with Bullying so that our experiences are not repeated.

Working as one to achieve more!

In a time where almost everyday there is a new organisation, a new foundation, a new not for profit or a new charity appearing on the streets asking for money, and in the majority of cases replicating the working of existing groups, we decided to take a unique approach and work as one group to share our resources, skills and fundraising programmes under the one banner to achieve our individual but also shared objectives to end the problem of Bullying.

Operating as one organisation under Angels Hope provides us with the ability to leverage of each organisations skills, networks, experiences and resources without overburdening the public by trying to raise the needed funds individually.

As we grow and develop, our existing partnerships will grow to include more organisations and to expand our simple process of working together across the rest of Australia.

Registered Information

Angels Hope is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
ABN: 20 856 129 787